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Here some precious advice to discover our beloved island

SAME BEACH, SAME SEA? No, not at all!

Let’s start with the most obvious thing when we think of an island: the sea. Our advice is to change beach every day. Discover the beautiful and varied beaches that the island offers. Rent a kayak or pedal boat to reach the many small coves that lie between the cliffs.


The villages on Elba: every place on Elba has its own history, telling of pirates, battles, conquests, losses and hard work, but also of fishing, wine and landscapes. Porto Azzurro with its small shops and its pretty piazza at the sea, Capoliveri from where the sea is visible from every corner, Rio nell’Elba, unchanged, as if time had stood still, Rio Marina, which shines in its own light. And then the historic Portoferraio and the more recent Marino di Campo, from the quiet and fresh Marciana to the picturesque Marciana Marina. Narrow streets, characteristic corners, typical pubs, everywhere on Elba there is something to discover.


Elba, along with the other islands of the Tuscan archipelago, is the international pilgrimage site of the marine mammals. It is a marine reserve that is part of the Italian, French and Monegasque region. The unforgettable encounters with the dolphins have attracted lots of tourists in recent years, and during the summer months special dolphin watching trips and excursiones are organized. Not only dolphins are visible, but also fin whales, sperm whales, devil fish and turtles. Think of your children and their faces when they will see for the first time dolphins in their natural habitat!

let’s go for a ride

The Legend Cup, considered one of the world’s finest marathons, is a very important event for the Elbans. Cyclists from all over the world, world-class riders, professionals and amateurs challenge each other and cycle between sea and sky through the beautiful paths of Monte Calamita, in the Capoliveri Bike Park. Everyone can participate in this unique event. Those who do not like challenges can enjoy this sensation stress-free at the end of the race, thanks to a well marked runway.
If it is the first time that you try to find your way in this maze of small streets and breathtaking panoramas, do not worry, as each route is marked by a color and a sign that includes the name of the racetrack, place and direction. Don’t t worry, you can hardly get lost!


Elba is rich in history, as evidenced by the many archaeological finds that are still intact. An example is the beautiful fortress of the “Medici” in Portoferraio. Forte Falcone, Forte Stella, Torre della Linguella and the beautiful city wall are now fortunately only a tourist attraction that visitors can admire from the ferry.
The fortress of Portoferraio is open from May to October, and is worth a visit. This fortress still preserves the historic core and old port. Underground passages, secret paths, tunnels, small doors overlooking the sea, sentry boxes: a visit to these impressive walls becomes a real, small journey. Who knows, you might be lucky and find the legendary “ghost of the castles” in these narrow streets and secret passages and are able to take a memory selfi. You wouldn’t be the first one!
In addition to the fortress, it is worth visiting Villa San Martino, Villa Mulini, residence of Napoleon, Teatro dei Vigilanti, Villa Romana delle Grotte, the archeological museum of the mining area of Rio nell’Elba, the Mineral Museum in Rio Marino, the Maritime Museum and Capoliveris mines.

Reaching us is very simple

Depart from the comfortable Port of Piombino and reach Elba Island in about an hour with a pleasant and blue crossing.

  The ferries of the four main shipping companies (Blu Navy, Toremar, Moby Lines and Elba Ferries) connect Piombino to Portoferraio throughout the day, as well as to Rio Marina and Cavo. Often you can find really cheap offers to travel!

In any case, for you who are a guest at Villa Teresa we offer the possibility of buying the ferry ticket with fares always discounted by – 20%.


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